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Moving to Dubai

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Need help moving to Dubai? In this in-depth guide, you’ll receive detailed information on what you need to know prior to your move – from understanding the laws and rules for living in Dubai and moving to Dubai with family, to setting up expat rentals and housing in Dubai for expats. 

 We’ll cover information on moving permits, the cost of moving to Dubai and you’ll even get to know the history of Dubai, the people and culture, as well as all the things to do in the UAE. It’s your complete ‘moving to Dubai checklist’.

Note: This book is available for pre-order with a release scheduled for 1st February, 2021. Pre-order today and save 20% using the following discount code: NWNA5P782DBW. Offer limited to first 10 customers. 


Whats inside?

Chapter 1 – What culture, language and lifestyle can you expect in Dubai?

  • Discover the rich history of Dubai to present day Dubai.
  • Discover facts about the people and culture of those who call Dubai home.
  • Fast track your knowledge around Islam and how it will impact your experience.
  • Dive deep into the Dubai lifestyle, alongside the pros and cons of living in Dubai.
  • Learn what you can and can't wear in Dubai.

Chapter 2 – How do you go about obtaining residency and visas?

  • Everything you need to know about securing a visa.
  • All the steps, and a how to guide on securing residency.
  • Can I sponsor my spouse, kids and extended family?

Chapter 3 – What will working and doing business be like?

  • What you need to know when conducting business – the dos and don'ts. 
  • The different types of businesses in the UAE including free zones.
  • Unwritten rules, cultural considerations and working relationships.
  • Looking ahead to the future with our business trends forecast.

Chapter 4 – How much does it cost to live in Dubai?

  • An extensive breakdown of the annual expenses for singles, couples and families.
  • Exactly what you need to budget for.

Chapter 5 – Where do you start when setting up life in Dubai?

  • The difference between local and international hires.
  • The process of accepting an offer.
  • Choosing a bank.
  • Your tax responsibilities, back home and abroad.
  • Housing 101: Renting – buying, and everything in between.
  • Insurance: what's on offer and how it's different to back home.
  • Healthcare in Dubai: Emergency care, maternity, private vs public.
  • Wills in Dubai: Protecting your family and assets.

Chapter 6 – What about education and schooling?

  • Public, private and international – the differences.
  • Admission and enrolment, tuition and fees.
  • Homeschooling is not recognised in the UAE.
  • Nurseries and special education through to tertiary.
  • Choosing a school for your child.
  • Holidays for public and private schools.

Chapter 7 – Is Dubai a safe city?

  • Crime and cybersecurity.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Driving and public transport.
  • Local, regional and international terrorism threats.
  • Police response.
  • A list of all embassies and consulates.