Living in Dubai - Move Live Work
Living in Dubai - Move Live Work
Living in Dubai - Move Live Work
Living in Dubai - Move Live Work
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Living in Dubai

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What’s it like to live in Dubai? The average cost of living in Dubai? What about living in Dubai as a woman? Living in Dubai with toddlers? Living in Dubai as unmarried couples? Perhaps you’ve asked a few of these questions. What we know is that many of those who move to Dubai often find their first 3 months very overwhelming.

In this guide, we’ll unpack all of the helpful tips and tricks to living in UAE, alongside how-to guides to ensure your first three months are more than enjoyable. Find out about the rules for living Dubai, the pros and cons of living in Dubai, and discover exactly how to live in Dubai, and thrive.


"Whats inside? Over 180+ pages of local insights, tips and tricks to help you get ahead and win!"

Chapter 1 - Preparing to Move

  • 9 things to consider before you move
  • 3 month checklist before your depart
  • What we recommend to pack, hand luggage vs checked luggage
Chapter 2 - Arriving in Dubai
  • Navigating Dubai airport, grabbing sims, local currency and a ride out
  • Your first week in Dubai - essentials you need to work through to make life easy
  • Apartment orientation checklist - don’t get burnt by your landlord at the end of your lease
  • Step by step 3 month checklist of to do’s to set up life for the win
  • Accomadation: long stay hotels, short term vs long term accommodation, the best areas to live in
  • Public transport and nol cards explained
  • Mobiles, providers and best plans, alongside phone laws and workarounds for video calling
Chapter 3 - Driving in Dubai 
  • Car sharing services, how to rent vehicles by the min, hour or day
  • Helpful tips to consider when renting short or long term rental cars
  • How to get a UAE drivers license: step by step
  • Things you need to know when buying a car
  • Buying new vs second hand
  • Insurance, registration how to guides
  • Why your vehicle needs to be washed weekly or more.
  • Setting your vehicle up for tolls across all emirates
  • Everything you need to know regarding petrol stations and paid parking
Chapter 4 - Food and Beverage
  • An exhaustive grocery guide - online vs offline, apps and International 
  • Local food delivery apps and subscription meal kits
  • Eating out in Dubai, apps to save thousands and your online bible to the best places to eat
  • 30 of the best coffee shops across Dubai
  • Alcohol in the UAE; everything you need to know, licenses, where to buy + more
Chapter 5 - Visas, Emirates ID, Border Runs and more
  • Types of visas on offer
  • A deep dive into visit visas
  • How to obtain residency, alongside documents you’ll need prior to arrival
  • Certified and attested documents, what’s the difference, why you need them, agencies to help you.
  • Emirates ID - everything you need to know including a step by step guide on how to get yours.
  • UAE pass - Dubai is going digital, here’s how to save hours of heartache and time
  • How to sponsor family and spouses - step by step
  • A comprehensive guide to visa runs and border crossings into Oman
Chapter 6 - Setting up your home
  • 5 things you need to purchase in your first two weeks
  • Insurance 101 - property, contents, medical and more
  • Understanding how healthcare works in Dubai
  • How to setup and pay for Utilities - electricity, water, gas and air conditioning
  • How to setup home internet
  • Furnishing your home, best to hire or buy
  • Dubai Store Guide - guide to best shops to help you get started
  • House plants in Dubai - where to buy so it doesn’t feel like you’re in the desert
  • Hiring help - housekeepers, gardeners, carwash, babysitter and more.
  • How to sponsor a live-in housekeeper or nanny in Dubai
Chapter 7 - Money and me
  • What you need to setup a local bank account
  • The cost of setting up your home on arrival
  • 10 tips on how to save money while living in Dubai
Chapter 8 - Finding community
  • Getting active with gyms, fitness and sports teams
  • Nightlife - clubbing, bars and pubs
  • 12 months of events in Dubai
  • Places of worship in Dubai - mosques, temples, churches + more
Chapter 9 - Enjoying your new home
  • The best apps you need to download when living in Dubai
  • Helpful blogs and websites from entertainment, news, shopping, discounts, property and girls running the world!
  • 50 adventures to add to your Dubai bucket list
  • Navigating Dubai’s malls, plus new malls in construction
  • Staycations in Dubai, where to find the best deals and how to enjoy them in style
  • Top 10 countries to visit from Dubai - best value, best adventures, best culture
  • Tips for travelling abroad
Chapter 10 - It's time to say goodbye
  • Departing Dubai Airport